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X Powerful Witches Metamorphosis Spell Shape Shifting Ring X

an extremely powerful witches shapeshifting spell ring!
Shapeshifting is a change in the physical form or shape of a person or animal. Other terms include metamorphosis, morphing, transformation, or transmogrification. Change from man to woman or woman to man and stay that way if you wish 
shapeshifting indicates changes that are temporary
metamorphosis indicates changes that are lasting
  • transformation indicates changes that are externally imposed
  • Transmogrification suggests either a internally physical, mental, and or somewhat spiritual transformation
  • Shapeshifting is distinguished from natural processes such as aging or metamorphosis (despite shared use of the term), the body contortions of animals such as the Mimic Octopus, and illusory changes. Instead, shapeshifting involves physical changes such as alterations of age, gender, race, or general appearance or changes between human form and that of an animal, plant, or inanimate object.
  • This spell is a voluntary form that allows the user to pick and choice when and what they wish to shape-shift into. A  means of escape and liberation; even when the form is not undertaken to effect a literal escape, the abilities specific to the form, or the disguise afforded by it, allow the character to act in a manner previously impossible.

Powers & Abilities

One motif is a shape change in order to obtain abilities in the new form. Berserkers were held to change into wolves and bears in order to fight more effectively. In many cultures, evil magicians could transform into animal shapes and thus skulk about. The ability to stalk, spy, and gain valuable information without others knowing. The ability to fly quickly to and from places like an eagle, to gallop across vast areas such as a horse, to climb high places like the mountain goat or a leopard in a tree, the strength of a bear, shark, bull, the gracefulness of a butterfly, the energy of a hummingbird, the night vision of an owl ! Powers and abilities far to great to explain in words!

Shapeshifter spells have innate safeguards, making most spells painless.

Shapeshifters: The very essence of nature is change: night into day, new moon to full moon, beaver pond to meadow to forest, caterpillar to butterfly. Shapeshifters are the embodiment of this philosophy -- they advocate the idea of nature as the essential agent of transmutation. Moreover, they personally embrace this philosophy and use the deeply fundamental power of nature -- the same power tapped by druids to cast spells -- to change and transmute their own bodily forms. ALL LIVING THINGS HAVE MINOR NATURAL ABILITIES TO SHAPE-SHIFT/CHANGE from birth to death, the aging process. Teens going through puberty is a quicker showing of these abilities as is a new born in their first couple of years of life.

This spell allows the user to shape-shift into animals or other human forms same sex or opposite, and back again just as quickly. If something were to happen such as shape-shifting into a squirrel who then gets attacked and killed by a fox, the user of this spell would change back to their starting human form, even if their previous shape-shift change was from something else into the squirrel (example a hawk to squirrel).

Shape-shifting :
The very ancient belief that certain people were empowered with the magical ability to change themselves and others at will into other life forms such as other human beings, animals, birds and insects.

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