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Haunted Witch TIME WARP TRAVEL Teleportation Spell Necklace

Warp Time, Speed It Up Slow It Down Travel Thru fwr/bck

~*~The Voodoo Magick Shop~*~


WE ARE THE LARGEST SPELL SELLERS IN THE WORLD! 25+ years of experience, a decade long ebay silver, gold and now PLATINUM powerseller, 33,000+ total positive ebay feedback with over 10,500+ repeat customers and counting ! Voted eBays #1 spell seller with over 5,500 unique spell items and excellent spell success rates !

Control time with this powerful magick spell necklace ! Slow it down when you need more time, speed it up when you need things quicker, stop it for a few moments as you see fit. Travel through time forward or backwards, be somewhere in seconds be in two places at once , or so it would seem.

This beautiful and powerful pendant is made from fine pewter and is roughly 2" in size!

~*~ High Priest Witches Haunted Time Warp Spell Necklace~*~

These rings, dolls, and other spell items have POWERFUL energy !!! If this scares you do not purchase it ! People whom have used my spell items have felt them shake and vibrate, seen visions, felt massive cold-chills down their spines, have went from having back, neck, and leg pains to moving about and walking PAIN FREE, many reports of visions and black-outs while holding it. Others have reported small to large cash finds, earnings, or winnings, or great financial gains in other ways such as increased business or sales, property values or stocks, ect. Increased sexual desires, ex-loves returned, new-found relationships, power and strength, and more depending on the owner of the spell item. THESE SPELLS ARE READY FOR IMMEDIATE USE ON ......., WELL IF YOU'VE MADE IT THIS FAR THEN YOU ALREADY KNOW WHOM THIS WILL BE FOR NOW DON'T YOU !!

THIS IS A VERY POWERFUL NECKLACE with real paranormal & metaphysical qualities beyond the average persons comprehension, PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS BEFORE YOU BID AND BEST OF LUCK TO YOU AND YOUR FUTURE !

Item #wtimewarp4

Regular price $150.00 

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