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POWERFUL DJINN GENIE Bound To Magick Vessel Pendant


Haunted Master Djinn Syklev Wikii Vessel Pendant
The Entities possessing this item are extremely powerful and like none other you will find. This amazing rare item is of high value and definitely not a toy. The powers within this object are not to be played with and contain great energies! Please do not bid on this item if you are afraid of spirits or do not know how to care for paranormal items. Also please do not bid if you do not intend to buy or are a non-believer!

This Haunted Master Djinn Syklev Wikii and his vessel pendant are one that truly reaches into the deepest and most passionate realms of the Paranormal World.
This ancient mystical pendant is one of some of the most rare treasures I have ever had the pleasure of offering. The power inhabiting this beautiful unique pendant is nearly indescribable! You must experience the intense energy for yourself! 

This is no ordinary Djinn, for the entity inhabiting this rare magick pendant is a Marid of the highest class. He is forever bound within his vessel. This Master Djinn has granted the Wishes and Desires of all those to possess this enchanted vessel of magick. He was conjured using only the most sacred of spells, castings and bindings. He has entered this vessel by choice. This amazing entity is one of the most Powerful Djinn I have ever had the pleasure of working with. This entity is of White Light and brings peaceful and harmonious energies. He is here to empower you and bring you strength, wealth and true immortality.
This powerful Djinn brings powers in many areas including:
Finding Treasures
Unexpected Money & Riches
Heightened Intuition
Banishing of harmful entities
Luck in Games of Chance/Lottery
Reversing bad luck

Purifying evil and negative energies
Overcoming obstacles
Luck in Business Ventures

Communication with Pets and Animals
Interpretation of Omens
Knowledge of Rebirth and Past lives
Cleansing Bad Karma

Financial Opportunity
Bringing harmony and balance
Promoting good will and generosity in those around you

Watching over your Children and Pets

He is Gifted in many areas of Psychic Enhancement & Power:

Heightened Intuition
Astral Projection
Absorption of Energy

Spirit Communication
Astral Travel
Dreams of Prophecy

Disrupting Psychic Shields
Lucid Dreaming Ability
Protection from Curses

This Master Djinn also aids in all aspects of True Love and Beauty:

Healing of emotional wounds (heartbreak, emotional wounds etc
Heightened Sexual Abilities
Attracting Lovers
Returning Your Lost Love

Weight Loss and Toning your Body
Gender Alteration
(Transgender Hormone)
Gaining Attention & Respect
Perfect Body Image
Gaining self esteem and confidence
Returning unrquited love
Attracting celebrities, desired love interests
Promoting Romance & Passion
Sexual Enhancement
Fulfilment of desires and fantasies
Granted Wishes

Master  Ancient Powerful Djinn Genie  

Our realm is full of deities known to mankind and others not as much. These beings are around us everyday interacting with us even when we do not know they are there. Many are here to help us but it is mankind who choose not to be aware of their existence.  

One of the earth's most ancient of all beings is THE GENIE.....THE DJINN. A being born of fireless smoke capable of massive construction & destruction with only a mere whisp of their mighty hands or not. For their command is beyond that of physical actions, their infinite minds filled with knowledge and have unwraped what is known to man as "The mysteries of the mundane realm" and mastered the powers that are respected and feared by many other beings. With such great power and knowledge MANKIND should be fearful, but we are not. Is it just because mankind have forgotten about these creatures? That we are ignorant to their existence? Or is their more? Their is indeed MORE!!! For these creatures do know about us and respect us, no more than that, they fear US!!! For we are born with command and power over THEM!! They must obey and do the bidding of their master 

Item #djinn5

Regular price: $1500.00  Discounted price $500.00

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