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Wicca ETERNAL POWER Spell EARRINGS Sterling Silver

about the jewelry: .925 STERLING STERLING SILVER (earrings alone without the spell are $30.00!)

  • about the spell: Haunted Witches ETERNAL POWER Spell Earrings WICCA Wiccan --- Centuries Old Witch Spell POWER PROTECTION STRENGTH !!!
  • These earrings call upon the powers of the great warrior Hercales, called Hercules by the Romans, who in myth was the most invincible of heroes. He was the son of Zeus, king of the gods, by a mortal woman called Alcmene. This spell ring will help the problem of containing the powerful and savage beast within us, while still preserving those animal qualities which are creative and vital. ETERNAL POWER of the lion which reflects a different aspect of the human psyche. The lion in myth has always been associated with royalty, even when it is at its most destructive, and this king of beasts is an image of the infantile, savage and totally egocentric beginnings of a unique individuality. Thus the lion is not wholly evil, but possesses a magickal skin which can offer invincibility ! This invincibility is connected with the sense of inner permanence which comes from a solid sense of 'me'.  When we wear the skin of the lion which we have conquered, the opinions of others-the great They who strike such fear into the hearts of the timid--mean little, for we are armoured in our own indestructible sense of identity

    These earrings of strength provides a creative handling of one's own rage and senseless pride. Courage, strength and self-discipline are necessary to battle with each situation. Through such an experience we can come in contact with the beast, but also in the part of us which is Heracles, the hero who can subdue it!

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