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Thank you for your interest in my spell items. I have over 5,500+ spell items in my ebay e-store under VOODOO RELATED & WICCA RELATED items with over 50+ easy-to-search sub-catagories. I have spells rings, bracelets, amulets, necklaces, dolls, pendants, candles and more.

MAGICKAL VOODOO SPELL DOLLS : I am the creator of these powerful spell dolls. All spell dolls have a powerful spell mentioned in auction description placed on the doll during the creation process. Each are tediously tied and bound one at a time. Some dolls are also made of wood and metal, some have sewn-on parts, ect.

Every spell doll comes with hand-signed doll activation instructions and a pearl-colored pin. Some more info below for you and thank you again for your interest in my spell items !

Please scroll through my feedback by clicking on my feedback number and you'll see actual customer feedback left for me about the power of my spells , how quickly some users had them work, and other such feedback.

I have over 150,000+ positive feedback across 6-major online sites including 2-time FEATURED SELLER OF THE MONTH on Overstock.com, an e-Bay POWERSELLER, e-Bay TOP reviewer, e-Bay Top Rated Seller, Paypal 5,000+ VERIFIED User, over 15,000+ repeat customers, and a 99.7%  rating or higher on all !  Over a DECADE as an e-Bay silver,  gold and now PLATINUM powerseller with 25-Years sales experience!

Some Voodoo For You !

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