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CURRENT EBAY FEEDBACK LINK FOR my eBay user id: voodoomagickshop  & eBay eStore The VOODOO MAGICK Shop http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=voodoomagickshop&ftab=AllFeedback 

CURRENT EBAY FEEDBACK LINK FOR my eBay user id: hoodoomagick & eBay eStore The HOODOO MAGICK Shop  http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=hoodoomagick&ftab=AllFeedback

I could tell you anything you wanted to hear (like most do that sell spell items) but will spare you as I EASILY HAVE PROOF with thousands of feedback from customers stating the powers of my spell items!! I have 54,000+ positive feedback across 6-major sites including Featured Seller of the Month TWICE on Overstock.com, DECADE LONG e-Bay GOLD & PLATINUM POWERSELLER, 20+ YEARS OF SALES EXPERIENCE! ACTUAL CUSTOMER FEEDBACK ABOUT SPELLS ONLY BELOW AND CAN BE CONFIRMED BY CLICKING ON THE DATE FEEDBACK WAS LEFT FOR ME ON EBAY!



Dear voodoomagickshop,

Greetings Scott! It is very nice to meet you. I want to thank you for taking such good care of my clients. They always come back to us with great reports of your products and services. I love your products, and appreciate the effort you do, to represent the magikal arts in a professional manner on ebay. It gives our category credit and merit. If you send me the links to your sites, I'll gladly add them into my ebooks to help promote your stores on and off ebay. Thank you for contacting me, as I truly appreciate the gesture of kindness. You are a wonderful seller, and I pray blessing of abundance for you and your family. Sincerely, Melissa

- jinnandtonics
ebay eStore: JAT-Jinn

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-10-08(Ultimate Good Luck Spell)I haven't had this much luck b/4!! Its amazing Hands down: THE BEST!! Thanks

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-10-08(Brighter Straighter Teeth Spell) This is my second purchase and I am already pleased with the results!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-10-08(Super-Charged Return A Love Spell) Thank you so much for all you have done! Thoroughly recommended would use again!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-10-08(Love Control Spell) wonderful doll ! got her today and wow.. she feels powerful! so big too ! +++++

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-10-08(Sinful Sex Naughty Spell) Positive results, a true Magick Mage; Five Ratinf *****

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-10-08(ULTIMATE DIRECT CASTING SPELL)A Magical Method of Increasing Will of Desire; Five Star Rating *****

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-10-08(Penis Enhancement Spell)*Power seller no doubt. Keep up the amazing work


POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL 11-10-08(multi spell items)*Please feel free to use this as a verified testimonial*
I have to admit when I bought the spell ring I was skeptical. However I followed the directions and proceeded anyway. Even b4 I received and activated the ring I saw little changes. Today one of the items on my list came to pass. It wasn't as large as the main objectives but I was completely in amazement when I realized it happened as I checked that thing off on my list. You have a new client for life in me Scott.
(buyer user id/name hidden for privacy)

POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL 11-10-08(Money Spell)Hi again! I just got it today. No need to respond to my prior email. Funny thing, I also received a settlement check from a class action lawsuit that I didn't even know I was a part of today as well. Although the amount wasn't huge, it more than paid for the cost of the doll. Holy crap. I can't wait for the moon cycle to be over!! Thanks again! (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy)

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-7-08(Sinful Sex Naughty Spell)Fantastic seller! Fast shipping! A++++++ I can feel something from the ring

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-7-08(Cure Insomnia Spell)Fast delivery, thanks! Lovely ring, worked very quickly, haven't even worn yet!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-7-08(LADY LUST4ME Spell Doll) Just one word WOW A+++

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-7-08(DIRECT CASTING BEAUTY MAKE-OVER Spell) A repeat customer, Scott is the real deal, he does what others can't!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-6-08(Wicca Sing & Dance Abilities Spell)Fast shipping, Great ring. Awesome as Usual!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-6-08(Magnatizm Spell)Fast shipping, Great ring. Awesome as Usual!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-6-08(Recharging Spell Box)Fast shipping, Great ring. Awesome as Usual! Beautiful box!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-6-08(Persuasion Power Spell)Fast shipping, Great ring. Awesome as Usual!


POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-6-08(x10 Wealth Spell)From Celia: Scott God Bless You Thank you for be part of our lives

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-6-08(Protection Spell)Thank You for Helping me and my mom so much!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-6-08(DIRECT CASTING VALUE PACK x5 Spells)You are Awesome I'm your #1 Fan

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-6-08(Haitian Money Luck Spell)80 char's ain't enuff. Add 2 Fav' Sellers List. Ya won't be disappointed. 5stars


POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-3-08(Money Spell)i feel this particular ring was meant for me.very fast shipping. bless you

POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL 11-2-08(Metamorphis Spell)Dear Mr. Van Osdol, I do have one more concern. How can I make sure that I can change back to normal? And, should I just hold the ring, or should it actually be on my hand? I am not quite sure how my fists should be positioned.Thank you, sir. I have to admit, I am feeling little differences as I proceed with using the ring. (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy)

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-2-08(Gambling Spell) 2 words........................... Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK  11-2-08(Wealth Spell)Very nice, I can feel the tingle.

POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL 11-2-08(Rapid Hair & Nail Growth & Triple-Cast Wealth Spell)this is my testimonial i could not get access to e bay sorry Please use my initial. L.S hi i just want to thank you for the products i bought the hair and nail growth ring it is working and the triple cast money ring work amazing i received a check from my school about $400 dollar more than i usually get, and today 10/27/08 i receive a letter from my previous job that i quit 2 years ago, they claim that they owed me money. thank you i will be back for the recharge box spell and other items thank you L.S New York(buyer user id/name hidden for privacy)

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-01-08(Mr Money Bags Wealth Spell)Very Powerful. Happy again with my purchase. Scott is the best. Thank you!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-01-08(Attraction Spell)Absolutely Beautiful. Powerful energy!! Superb Seller. Thank you! :)


POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-01-08(Protection Spell)  Intricately delicate cross holding definitively powerful protection. A+++++

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-01-08(Control Anger Calming Spell) Beautiful ring with extremely strong energy, I was overcome with calm & peace

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-01-08(Jinx-Remover Spell) Lovely doll ~ definately good energy and felt it working immediately.

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-01-08(Career Business Success Spell) its Energy IMMEDIATELY felt! Great Customer Service, Plotting next purchase now!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-01-08(Attraction Spell)Everything's great!!!!!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 11-01-08(Gambling Spell)Awsome pendant!!! Awesome seller what can I say I'm in awe!! A+++++

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-31-08(Long-Term Wealth Spell) excellent same day I got the doll - I got an unexpected check!!! I'll be back!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-31-08(Weight-Loss Spell) excellent seller,I can feel it working before i receive it,.. fast shipping

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-31-08(Weight-Loss Atkins South Beach Diet Spell)Always awesome! BEST SELLER EVER!(check my transactions w/ him via my feedback!)

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-31-08(Aura Cleansing Spell)Always awesome! BEST SELLER EVER!(check my transactions w/ him via my feedback!)

POSITIVE FEEDBACK E-MAIL 10-31-08(Weight-Loss Spell)Hey Kimberly (my assistant),  

I have a question(s), I recently purchased a weight loss spell ring 10/21/08 from you guys..started working already!  feelin WAY more motivated i have returned to my weight loss program on fire!  You can use this in testimonial if you would like! Anyway, I have retrieved a forgotten opportunity to exchange a shift of babysitting for a gym membership! So, Its happening!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-30-08(Attraction Spell)fantastic! worked straight away-i feel great!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-30-08(Witches Black Salt Protection/Jinx-Remover)i feel more positivity around me-thanks heaps

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-30-08(Forever Faithful Spell)love the bracelet-feels great thanks heaps

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-30-08(DIRECT CASTING Weight-Loss Spell) Thank you! Have lost over 20lbs and still losing...

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-30-08(Witches Black Salt-Protection) i feel more positivity around me-thanks heaps

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-30-08(Attraction Spell)thedugout fantastic! worked straight away-i feel great!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-30-08(Ultimate Good LuckSpell) Rec'd Ring - Thank you! Great Seller! Will use again! Exactly how described!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-30-08(Weight-Loss Spell) quick delivery, beautiful amulet. Have worn for a few days and feel confident.


POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL RECEIVED 10-30-08(Jinx-Remover/Protection Spell)Thanks for obliging me with that Scott ~ I know it's a bit of a hassle. I have already been receiving energy associated with the previous purchases from you (protection rings/jinx remover doll), and although I have not physically received them as yet in the mail, I an feel them already working ~ it will be great to see what results they yield for me, when they actually get here.Many Blessings! (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy)

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-30-08(ULTIMATE DIRECT CASTING Spell)thedugout is the one spell caster I've returned to - A+++ Thanks Scott!

POSITIVE EMAIL FEEDBACK 10-30-08(Strength & Power Spell) Greetings! I am about to leave you very positive feedback. Before I do, I just had to write you. I received my ring today. Several things immediately happened. first, I was ready and set in my mind for the ring not to fit me. The auction really indicated it wouldnt. I was prepared to put this on my key ring and be satisfied. BUT, to my surprise... the ring fit me exactly. I know this is a small thing, but it was a pleasant little surprise. I wore the ring all day.
        The big thing though was a discovery I found out today regarding a legal situation I have become involved with, since...... SINCE my purchase of the ring. Today, I discovered some information today that although my legal situation is not resolved as of yet.... the possible impact has been reduced GREATLY. How amazing. I never expected it. What a blessing. I can feel the pure power from within the ring. If you would like I will keep you updated. This is marvelous!! Blessed Be...
(buyer user id/name hidden for privacy)

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-29-08(Fast Fortune Spell)Very good I will purchase from this seller again I I wont on horse racing!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-29-08(Bsexy Spell)Very Satisfied

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-29-08(Come To Me Spell)Very Satisfied

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-29-08(Haunted Creepy Luck Spell Doll) Creepy, Cool, watches over the household. Thanks much!

POSITIVE EMAIL FEEDBACK 10-29-08(DIRECT CASTING RETURN A LOVE SPELL x10 Charged) I got the candle today and it smells wonderful and as soon as I lit it...wow. The energy just hit me. All of the sudden I feel great. Ok onto the actual questions, what do I do if one of the flames goes out because of the melted wax build up? Thanks again as usual. I'm off to leave positive feeback! Too bad you can't leave super positive. And for some reason I feel like this will influence the energy of the other spells too. (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy)

POSITIVE EMAIL FEEDBACK 10-29-08(DIRECT CASTING GAMBLING SPELL) Hello I Got To Say Is Wow (xxxx)Finished A Tournament In Fourth Place Out Of 385 People And She Got Elimainated In Fourth Place Because She Went All Thr Way With A Ace And Jack!!. And(xxxx) And Her Is Doing Good!!. (xxxx)Just Tols (xxxx)That She Loved Her Wow Thatnks!!. But She Is Still Acting Like Someone She Is Not So How Is The Process Of The Month Spells Going?!!.(buyer user id/name hidden for privacy)

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-28-08(Magnatizm Spell) ON time, excited to see the results, this buying experience was a dream!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-28-08(Self-Confidence Spell) Gorgeous ring, VERY well packaged, MY GOALS are reached, Im keepin a journal!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-28-08(Good Luck Fortune Spell) Arrived in Great condition, instantly turned hot..Will be keeping Ya Posted!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-28-08(Strength & Power Wealth Spell) Already.. The magic has manifested. You must deal with this fine person!!! AAA+

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-28-08(Long-Term Wealth Spell)yes it was a quick delivery very pleased with my purchase ty

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-27-08(Long-Term Wealth Spell)Arrived today! Very positive energy! Thank you so much love it! AAA++++

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-27-08(Triple-Cast Wealth Spell)Wow! Felt strong positive charge before ring came! Will keep you posted! THANKS!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-27-08(Save Your Job Or Company Spell)Of Course I Felt The Power Raiding Off Of It!!. I Recommend This Seller!!.

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-27-08(Long-Term Wealth Spell) Amazeing Powerfull Seller I Was Holding The Doll And Felt The Power Of This Doll

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-27-08(HGH Muscle Mass Spell) Wow The Power Thats Comeing Off Of These Items Are Incrediable!!.

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-27-08(x10 DIRECT CAST Return A Love Spell) Incredible! This candle has SO much energy. Can't wait to see what it does!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-27-08(Penis Enhancement Spell) Think I felt the magic start when I ordered! Big THX for quick delivery of ring!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-26-08(Super-Charged “Mo’ Gamblin’ Man” Spell Doll) thankyou Scott! He is beautiful and it has been just over a week and I won!!!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-25-08(DIRECT CASTING RETURN A LOVE SPELL RING) Spell worked, YAY! everything was superb. But the ring turned my finger green =(  (what is more important, your finger turned green while wearing or the fact that you got the love of your life back from using my powerful love spell!!??!!)

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-25-08(Wisdom & Power Spell) So pretty and powerful! Works as stated in auction! Will do business again AA+

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-25-08(Power & Strength Spell)Great item!! Works exactly as promised! AAAA++++

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-25-08(Breast Enhancement Spell)Very Magickal item that works as promised!!! I can feel it working, Thanks! AA+

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-25-08(MEGA-Poker Skills Spell) I must say, since getting this bracelet my luck at poker has changed a bit!!!!!!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-24-08(DIRECT CASTING BEAUTY MAKE-OVER Spell) Love him and his products. What can I say. Order now. I will!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-24-08(Triple-Cast Money Spell) Thank you very much. It's starting to work already!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-24-08(Aura Cleansing Spell)the best in the business, the real deal, trusted and good communicator 10Q A++++

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-24-08(Eternal Power Spell) felt warmth on my finger when I put it on!! GREAT!!! Very pleased...

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-24-08(x10 Money Wealth Spell) fast shipping! Received $142.00 even b4 spell ring arrived :)

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-24-08(HGH Muscle Spell)  very pleased!!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL 10-23-08(Debt Relief Spell) Thanks Scott and also for your big detailed e-mail. The Debt Relief Spell Doll is working again, I don't know how but I talk the credit card company into cut my 20% of my total debt plus they also returned back all those lated fees and even told me they will help me to set up a payment plan with a lower minimun balance until I can make my regular minimun payments... this happened with one.. then the other credit card company... I was suprised the guy from collections actually told me he won't sent the report the the credit bureau and closed my account to re-open a new one saying that they would review it and lower my APR... The calls from the creditors stopped... I feel things are working and I got this new job offer for a company it requires a little investment but since business is going a lil better I think I will go for it. THANK YOU! (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy)

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-23-08(Negative Energy Removal Spell) Amazingly fast and I am a believer!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-23-08(Gambling Money Luck Spell) Got it ... I hope it works.... I hear great things... A++++

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-23-08(Magnatizm Spell) felt strong energy from the ring within 2 minutes

POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL 10-23-08(Re-charging Spell Box) Hello,
Thanks for the fast shipping. The charging box is very powerful and so pretty. I don't know.. but it was kinda giving me a big migraine all day long!! All i knew was... there are so much powerful when i touched it!! It gave me a pressure on my head and vessel throughout my body. It even gave me a goosebump. I don't know that because of the fact that i have received so many paranormal items at the same day, or not? (I have been purchasing lots of paranormal, and spell items lately.And i have received more than 5 items today from different sellers) By the way, i'm new to paranormal items. But i do have to admit your item is really powerful. I felt it. i'll be back!! Thank you
(buyer user id/name hidden for privacy)

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-23-08(Business Success Spell) Thanks. I really need to improve my fiances . By the way I became a Gold Powerseller thanks to your business doll, but again as I told you before all my profits are kind of going to pay off my debts but I have faith on the direct spell you casted for me to wipe of my debts. THANKS(buyer user id/name hidden for privacy)

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-22-08(Spell)  Ok I See!!. I Noticed That My Strength Has Been Enhanced By Your  Mega Strength Ring So I Do Trust You I Just Dont Know What To Do With “xxxx” Situation!!. (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy)


POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-21-08(Protection Spell) Awesome energy. Will Return To Purchase More Items. Thanks

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-21-08(Business Success Spell) Thank you Scott :) If I became Power Seller it was thanks to you and your spells :) I will be waiting for all the jewelry with spells I ordered from you. I wanted to share something with you my sister is a tarot reader (like me) but as you know one cannot read the tarot for herself. So I asked her to just check out my finances and she told me everything was going to be great and I would get rid of my debts thanks to a PARANORMAL and Hiddend Help. She even got the Demon's Card which actually proven that the direct cast spell I asked from you it has already been casted. I was surprised to see that actually that came out on the cards... I never doubted you. and No one knows about my spell requests :) So it's great :) Thank you again I will be patient and think positive to see the final results of the spells thanks again! (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy)

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-21-08(Protection Spell) Received Awesome Energy. Look Forward To It Working More..Thanks

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-21-08(HGH Muscle Mass Spell) Follow up by mafru007: WOW, IT WORKS!! THANK YOU!! WILL BUY AGAIN FOR SURE !!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL 10-21-08(Return Love Spell) Hi Scott! It's been a few weeks so I thought I'd send you an update.............You remember me telling you after I received the 'return love' necklace, that my back pain disappeared almost immediately?..........and didn't come back!! Well, I received the set of 3 dolls also (break up, return love, black widow spells)..........I must admit that I didn't follow the instructions to the letter - I had second thoughts about wanting my ex back, and instead wished for my one true love to be returned to me - whoever that may be...........Only hours later, a very dear friend got back in touch with me after 25 yrs - we were together for 10+ yrs in our teens/20's - he was my first love, and I his - we never actually broke up, just 'life' got in the way, as it does when you're young and ambitious. We're both musicians (for our sins!!). We've spent about 10 hrs a day on the phone for weeks now - he came to visit me (he's now in Germany, I'm in Canada - but we grew up only half a mile apart in Nottingham, UK!).........and I'm moving to Germany in 16 weeks, after which, we're both heading to China to teach music and english for 2 years.........and - we're getting married in March - he proposed last night. 

As the Rolling Stones sang.........."....sometimes you find, you get what you need....." 

My head is still spinning!! Never even dared dream that we would ever get back together. Strange thing is - he's always been the 'yardstick' against who I measured anyone else in my life.......and they all fell short.......why 'settle' when you can have and hold the one you're truly meant to be with. 

Brightest Blessings and much love to you and your work!! (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy)

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-20-08(HGH Muscle Mass Spell) Within 15 min. every muscle was tingling If you want the real deal buy here

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-20-08(Time Warp Teleportation Spell) I could actually feel the energy coming from the pendant! Thank you!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-19-08(Aura Cleansing Spell) Arrived yesterday. Can feel energy coming from the ring.

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-19-08(Super-Charged Weight-Loss Spell) Fast shipment, felt a feeling through my body, haven't even activated it yet.

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-18-08(Long-Term Wealth Spell) Rcvd doll, very calming feeling, very excited for good outcome! Thank you!!!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-18-08(DIRECT CAST MEGA MONEY WEALTH Spell) The Real Deal, great communicator, answers are well explained, d` best many thnx

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-17-08(Recharging Spell Box) OMG!! This Charging Box is so much powerful. Awesome!!! Fast Shipping!! A+++++++

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-16-08(Jinx-Remover Spell) Incredible Energy! Thank you!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL 10-16-08(Multi Spells) Thanks for the kind words. I'm a repeat buyer already for a reason! I know it can easily take a month or more to see results but all of the feedback and the energy I'm already feeling from the drawer where I keep my items has won me over. As for this particular item, the information I've already given you still applies but if you need it again just let me know :) Thanks again guys you're great! (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy)

POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL 10-16-08(Spell) Sorry for the delayed feedback> I have been having connecion problems with my laptop. Thanks so much for the spell and doll. I havent had the chance to do anything wih it yet, but my husband already got a different position at work with a very substantial pay increase! (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy)

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-16-08(DIRECT CAST MEGA MONEY WEALTH Spell) My finger aches where ring is. AWESOME!!!!! Thanks

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-15-08(Protection Spell) I believe it is working and I havent even had time to actually use it--THANKS!!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-15-08(Jinx-Remover Spell) Quick Shipping. Felt The Energy Immediately. Sure Hope It Works!! AA+++

POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL 10-14-08(TIME WARP TELEPORTATION Spell) I put the ring on and I felt an energy cover my entire body from head to toe! (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy)

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-13-08(Haitian Luck Doll)  Very satisfied

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-13-08(Good Day At Work Mood Spell)  This started working after I ordered it and before I recieved it!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-13-08(Weight-Loss Spell)This ebayer is tried and true, time and time again by many. Highly recommended!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-13-08(Extreme Wealth & Power Spell)Fast shipping and am certain it is working. Awesome ebayer!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-12-08(ULTIMATE DIRECT CASTING Spell) Good comunnication,fast and it works!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-12-08(ULTIMATE DIRECT CASTING MEGA-MONEY WEALTH Spell) Good comunnication,fast and it works!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-12-08(ULTIMATE DIRECT CASTING MEGA-MONEY WEALTH Spell)  Good comunnication,fast and it works!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL 10-12-08(Multi Spells)My pleasure! You've been such a big help so far(repeat spell buying customer…buyer user id/name hidden for privacy)

POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL 10-12-08(Multi Spells & ULTIMATE DIRECT CASTING SPELLS)I will check out your website and I will remind you about the free shipping thanks. My mom has a lot of faith in you, Scott, she sends you her blessings. I forgot to tell you, the direct cast spell I ordered for you, well my goal was to wipe off my debts, for some reason I feel like I don't know anyone anything and the calls from the creditors have stopped.Thanks (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy)

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-11-08(Pay Backs Revenge Spell) Awsome doll. Felt the power as soon as I touched the box. A+++. I will be back.

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-11-08(METAMORPHIS Spell) Item received & is what I was told it was. I am pleased with this dealer!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-11-08(Aura Cleansing Spell) Felt better immediately. The crystals are like a pair of eyes to watch my aura. Follow up :PS - When I got this I started feeling the energy from my other spells too!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-11-08(Forever Faithful Spell) Fast ship. Definitely a great seller. I'm a repeat buyer now!!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-11-08(Recharging Spell Box) Huge Box!! Can feel a charge when I opened it!! Beautiful Box!! Love it!! AAA+++

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-11-08(Haitian Luck Spell) Belive ot not, but it works!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-10-08 (HGH Muscle Spell) Felt energy. Nice Ring. Can't wait to experience.

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-10-08(TIME WARP TELEPORTATION Spell) Felt an energy go over my my entire body and the energy vibrate my whole body.

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-09-08(Haitian Luck Spell) Fast response from seller. Strong energy in beginning. I really hope it works

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-09-08(ULTIMATE DIRECT CAST MEGA MONEY WEALTH Spell) Superb seller, very nice and kind person. Thank you for everything! A +++++++++

POSITIVE FEEDBACK E-MAIL 10-9-08(Spell Question)  god bless you - I can see why you have awesome feedback and testimonials(buyer user id/name hidden for privacy)

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-08-08(Anxiety/Panic Relief Spell) THANKS ONCE AGAIN ring is lovely since putting it on i feel great GREAT EBAYER

POSITIVE FEEDBACK E-MAIL 10-8-08(Direct Casting MEGA MONEY WEALTH SPELL) Hi there. I just HAD to tell you. The spell has starting working already. I got a check in the mail yesterday for over $150 that I didn't expect, AND I FOUND $150 today in 3 -$50.00 bills. It may not be much for NOW, but I know it's only the beginning. I KNEW it would work. Thanks again so much for your hard work. (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy)

POSITIVE FEEDBACK E-MAIL 10-8-08 (HGH Muscle Growth Spell) hello, i bought a muscle growth triple charged spell a while ago and my arms have bulked and toned up. I have bought msny spells/items from people but they have all been fakes, i have to say your spells are great. Moving on i am around 5'10 but want to reach around 6'5, would this be possible? (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy)

POSITIVE FEEDBACK E-MAIL 10-8-08 (Penis Enhancement Spell)

I can't thank u enough. wow this is amazing. it's as if i can see it growing right b4 my eyes. thanx. i'm going to have to buy a few other spells. (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy)

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-06-08 (Enhance Your Psychic Abilities Spell)This bracelet is perfect! Thank u 4 bringing magic into others lives!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-06-08 (Super-Charged Weight-Loss Spell)Had already lost 6lbs and I haven't even activated it yet! Fast shipping. A++

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-05-08 (Super-Charged Attraction Spell)He is TOTALLY crunching on me & I feel like a teenager again!! AAA+++

POSITIVE FEEDBACK E-MAIL 10-05-08 (money spell ring)Q: As soon as bidding is over for this item, I will pay for all items purchases since 10/1. Please send me an invoice for all unpaid items. I will mail a money order today. By the way, I got y money and luck ring on Thursday and FRIDAY i got an unexpected payment for help with the hurricane! Your stuff works GREAT. I will never use another seller. I am interested in the understand all languages and then maybe a couple of the more expensive spells when I get the money. You are awesome!!! Share this with anyone you wish! (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy)

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-03-08 (Sinful Sex Spell) unbelievably impressed with store, shipping and item. Its gorgeous!! Thank you

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-03-08 (Gambling Money Luck Spell)  fast shipping, weird things happening, thanks a lot ! will buy again.

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 10-03-08 (x10 Wealth Spell)   wonder item ****** wow******

POSITIVE FEEDBACK E-MAIL 10-02-08 (Penis Enhancement Sex Spell Ring)

The ring fits perfect. Last night I had great sex (3 time) I haven't had sex like that in years. I got an erection when I wanted(and it was hard) my girlfriend had a few orgasms. And the best part is that the ring had yet arrived. But I can tell that it was getting closer. thanx again(buyer user id/name hidden for privacy)

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POSITIVE FEEDBACK 9-30-08 (Body Building Muscle Spell) Pretty sure I've already been seeing some results - fast shipping

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 9-30-08 (Ring Of Fortune Spell) This ring makes me feel amazing! These items are 100% genuine.

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 9-30-08 (Magnatizm Spell) Beautiful ring! Not quite sure yet! Felt energies coming from the ring.

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POSITIVE FEEDBACK 9-30-08 (x10 Wealth Spell) Felt strong energies radiating from the ring!! GREAT Seller!!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 9-29-08 (Super-Charged Mr Money Bags Spell)  highest quality Voodoo Doll I own! Have noticed positive changes will follow up!

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POSITIVE FEEDBACK 9-29-08 (Protection Spell)A very beautiful cross! I feel positive energy! Thanks!Love it!AAA+++

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 9-28-08 (spell items) left postive feedback. AMAZING very patient & one of the best expierence on ebay in 6 years! A+++++++++ Sep-28-08 01:03(buyer user id/name hidden for privacy)

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 9-27-08 (HGH Muscle Spell)  Fast shipping, Really feel the energy!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 9-27-08 (Enhance Your Psychic Abilities Spell)Repeat customer. Satisfied w/ service and previous sale. Will shop here again.

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 9-27-08 (Good Fortune Luck Spell)Received earlier this week and amazed it's already working. Fantastic seller!

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 9-27-08 (Super-Charged Break-Up Curse Spell) Completely satisfied with this item,and thanks for the email responses.

POSITIVE FEEDBACK E-MAIL 9-26-08 (Love spell)You had written to feel free to let you know what is going on since I received my doll. He was moving 2 states away soon.Now though he has decided not to move so soon and has put it on hold as he says.He's a computer programmer and repairman and he worked on my home computer earlier this week and said he needed my phone number in case he had a question about my computer.  So my phone number is now in his cell phone.And, other small things have happened. I'm feeling good about all of this and I hope the next month is even better.The weird thing though - my computer calendar has birthdays only on it and on Tuesday of this week,it popped up with a notice that it was the new moon cycle.Thank you so much!(buyer user id/name hidden for privacy)

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 9-26-08 (Business/Career Success spell) I ordered a success doll in dec 2006 and got a new job a week later. I am still at the company...its almost 2009, so your products not only work, the results also last...

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                                                                          Blessed be
(buyer user id/name hidden for privacy)

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POSITIVE FEEDBACK 9-23-08 (DIRECT CASTING BEAUTY MAKEOVER SPELL FOR MEN) Since I've had such good results from the Beauty Makeover for Men, but more above the waist than below, I've wondered if maybe I focused on a single area with a spell, that maybe I'd have better results.Or maybe it just takes more time to work itself all the way down the body? (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy)

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 9-22-08 (brighter straighter teeth spell) Haven't taken the ring off and I can already tell a bit of a difference.

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 9-21-08 (multi spells) Hi Scott, I just wanted to tell you once again how amazed I am at your talents!! I have made about 5 purchases from you so far and love just about everything.  LOVE the money ring, it was great and did just what we needed, I have that tucked into the charging box I also purchased from you.  The good luck ring I purchased is great too! Sincerely a faithful customer(buyer user id/name hidden for privacy)

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 9-21-08 (wealth spell) Awesome Item, I felt its energy I just hope will work Thank u Scott

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POSITIVE FEEDBACK 9-20-08 (multi spells) Scott,  I am having luck with both dolls.....one of the guys that I was affiliated with music .....has really put me through the wringer and just would not leave me allone,,,,, he has not called or anything sence i ordered the warrior doll,,,,  and that 600.00  was just unbeliveable.... I will add this also  this month my husband has made more than we have seen in months.....hey i do spells all of the time but i never had such fast results as with your items.... i love the bracelet too....Scott i belive in manifestaion and it truely does work but you have a great gift...And i am happy that I have found your site,,,, was by intervetion i am sure, The determination and your inner drive is the blessings you have added to your buissiness....the silly stuff is what brings us down sometimess.....Generally when i have a clarovoeint contact with people i am Not usually wrong at all. However there are those as you well know that constantly chip away at us and act as a paracitic drain... then we doubt or own selves.....because we are too close to the situation.... that is why i have a difficult time seeing my own situation never the less I love your dedication it has humblly put my sight in prospective.....I am kina tired of getting whopped on!  These Will Work!!!!! And I know I will obtain other things as well as recommend to Many others......Thank you   Soo Much the most warm energys to you Sir.......your friend (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy)

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POSITIVE FEEDBACK 9-17-08 (Haitian Money Luck Spell Scott you"re the best! Thank you and bless you for your kindness. I"ll be back.

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POSITIVE FEEDBACK EMAIL 9-16-08 (Wealth Spell)By the way the dolls I have ordered are very unique. When I received my money doll, I received an unexpected refund that has me now caught up on my mortgage, and has allowed me to pay off some  of my smaller debts. Very powerful. I just received my weight loss doll &  my doll for my guardian angel today. Wonderful things have happen.Thank you Scott. (buyer user id/name hidden for privacy)

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 9-16-08 (x10 Wealth Spell)This ring is truly amazing I felt its power the moment I wore it extra-ordinary

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 9-16-08 (Booty Enhancement Spell)Scott- Thank You -For EveryThing ! -The Ring is Perfect - The Energy Works !


POSITIVE FEEDBACK 9-16-08 (Weight-Loss Spell)Great Energy from the rings....

POSITIVE FEEDBACK 9-16-08 (Weight-Loss Spell)I can feel it working...Amazing!!!

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Dear voodoomagickshop,

Greetings Scott! It is very nice to meet you. I want to thank you for taking such good care of my clients. They always come back to us with great reports of your products and services. I love your products, and appreciate the effort you do, to represent the magikal arts in a professional manner on ebay. It gives our category credit and merit. If you send me the links to your sites, I'll gladly add them into my ebooks to help promote your stores on and off ebay. Thank you for contacting me, as I truly appreciate the gesture of kindness. You are a wonderful seller, and I pray blessing of abundance for you and your family. Sincerely, Melissa

- jinnandtonics
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